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Creating personalised playlists for those
living with dementia

News and Updates

Latest News and Progress Updates

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A Focus on the Reminiscence Bump – Action.

Part 3 of our blog-series looks at how we set up the musical survey, the decisions we made, and the interactions we had from participants.
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A Focus on the Reminiscence Bump – The First Steps.

Part 2 of our blog-series looks at the first steps we took to solve the problem of proving the well-known fact that music from a person’s youth is likely to be better remembered in old age.
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A Focus on the Reminiscence Bump.

As part of our aim to raise awareness about musical therapy in dementia care, we are publishing a series of blog posts to explain a bit about one element of the research we have been doing over the last year, “A Focus on the Reminiscence Bump to Personalise Music Playlists for Dementia” published by The Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare.
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history of music therapy

A History of Music Therapy.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. History of Music Therapy. We revisit the origin and meaning of music therapy throughout history – in the context of Greek, Roman and Catholic traditions
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Malcolm Young Dementia

Real Life Stories: Malcolm Young

Malcolm Young, songwriter and rhythm guitarist for the Australian band AC/DC, was diagnosed with dementia sometime in 2014 at the age of 61. But his life was as full of music at its end as it was in its prime.
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