Dementia Research UK recognises importance of MFMM's care home study with grant

Money will fund innovative care home study into the effects of music on people living with dementia.

Music for my Mind, is delighted to have had its work recognised by Dementia Research UK (DRUK), a grant-making charity, raising funds for research projects across the dementia community in all regions of the UK. 

The grant offered by DRUK will help fund MFMM’s care home project which launched in July 2023 after being postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19. The project involves working with 80 families who have a loved one with dementia, living in a Quantum Care home. The study will use facial analysis technology to analyse physiological and emotional responses of people living with memory loss or dementia whilst listening to familiar music.

Looking to the future

Universal availability of personalised music listening as an affordable, user-friendly care option could transform the well-being of millions of people affected by dementia and relieve pressure on carers and the NHS.

Participation in the study will help improve the process for creation of personal playlists and their delivery in care home settings, making the well-being benefits of music accessible to more families across the UK. 

The data will help to influence policy makers, care providers and clinicians to deploy personalised music listening more widely within dementia care and social prescribing.

Create a personalised playlist for someone you love with dementia

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