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About the
Playlist Maker

Create a free personalised playlist for someone living with dementia

Dementia is a Global Epidemic

Watch the transformative effects of a MFMM playlist

The people wearing headphones in this film are all living with dementia. What you see are their genuine responses to listening to familiar music from the ages of 13-19, generated by our Playlist Maker.

Why did we create the Playlist Maker?

Dementia is a global epidemic, with just under 1,000,000 cases in the UK alone. It gradually and insidiously takes away personality, memories and capacity for communication and independence. This has devastating effects on the person living with dementia and those who love and care for them. 

There is no cure yet, but music can help

Favourite music reaches parts of the brain that people living with dementia can no longer access on their own, including memories and emotions that soothe them, and help their engagement with loved ones. Our research has identified the importance of popular music from the ages of 13-19 on memory, so we developed a free-to-use app that quickly and automatically generates a playlist of favourite music from these teenage years.


How does it work?

You can create a playlist with or without the person living with dementia or memory loss in around 15 minutes in three easy steps. 

What are the benefits?

Our personal playlist maker uses a unique algorithm to create a playlist of favourite music, with many benefits for families affected by dementia or memory loss:

  • Entirely FREE to use and listen to the Playlist Maker (via Spotify or YouTube)
  • Automatically generates personal playlists based on music preferences and background in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use at home or in a care setting, and on any device 
  • Helps families reconnect, reduce drug reliance and anxiety, and provides moments of calm

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