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We all have a favourite song. Or a piece of music associated with a particular memory. And there’s growing evidence that music can improve the quality of life for people living with dementia.

At Music for my Mind, we want to raise awareness of the positive effects of music for people affected by dementia. By developing cost-effective technology, we aim to give them, their families and carers quick, easy access to personalised music playlists, wherever and whenever they’re needed. And we’ve only just begun.

Dementia is an epidemic in the UK. Find out how we’re tackling it…

First piece of research

Why not take part in our first piece of research! We are looking at whether there is a period in a person’s life where they are most aware of popular music. Knowing this will allow our charity to narrow in on the songs from that correct era, when introducing music to people living with dementia, particularly to the people who can no longer tell us what they liked. The more people who fill out the survey, the more accurate our approach will be. Take part now!


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The power of personalised music for people living with dementia and their families.

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