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Free personalised playlists
For people living with dementia

Free personalised playlists
For people living with dementia

The transformative effects of music

Helping families reconnect, reduce drug reliance and anxiety, and create moments of joy.

We all have favourite songs. Or a piece of music associated with a particular memory.


Music touches so much of life that a particular song can bring back memories or clear visions of the past. And there’s growing evidence that music can improve quality of life for people living with dementia and memory loss.

Music for my Mind is a charity that exists to improve the well-being of people living with memory loss and dementia and their family, friends and care-providers, using personalised music playlists. 

It is our vision that everyone living with dementia benefits from music as an integral part of the care they receive.

This is why we created our free-to-use Playlist Maker.

Create a free, personalised playlist

Our Playlist Maker has many benefits for families affected by dementia or memory loss, including:

  • Entirely FREE to create a playlist and listen (via Spotify or YouTube)
  • Automatically generates personalised playlists based on music preferences and background
  • Easy to use at home or in a care setting, on any device 
  • Helps families reconnect and can help reduce drug reliance and anxiety

"We put Gran's playlist on and she has rapidly bloomed into life, happiness and joy.
Thank you for giving us that."

                                                                                                                                    – Granddaughter

Our Technology and Research

How we utilise technology

Using music to access memories for people living with dementia is not a new idea. Using technology to automatically generate favourite music playlists is new, and we are exploring the possibilities by developing technological solutions.

Our contributions to research evidence

Our research contributes to the evidence needed to influence policy makers, care providers and clinicians to deploy personalised music listening appropriately within dementia care and social prescribing.

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