Nicholas's Story - World Alzheimer's Month

Diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 76, Nicholas shares how choral and classical music have touched his life in many ways since the age of 12.
What does music mean to you?

Music is, and has been, a large and very important part of my life, especially choral and classical music. I started singing in choirs when I was 12-years-old and have continued joyfully in very many choirs all my life, and still to the present day as I am choir master in my local church. 

Another side to my singing during my life has been taking part in stage shows and musicals, as well as Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Until recently, I was the Musical Director for 47 operatic society stage musicals. 

When were you diagnosed with Alzheimer's?

I was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 76, two years ago. Although Alzheimer’s has affected many things in my life, I still get enormous pleasure from watching and listening to hours of music, and most of all, singing in choirs or even alone at home.

The first photo you see is of me taking a leading role in ‘Kiss Me Kate’. I am the handsome one with the beard! 

The other is of my wife, Sheila and I with our daughter at her wedding three years ago.

What song holds the most importance for you?

The song that means most to me is, “I Was Born Under a Wan’drin Star” from Paint Your Wagon. I sing this often because it suits my bass voice an and I enjoy singing along with Lee Marvin. Paint Your Wagon was a show which I always wanted to be the Musical Director for, but, unfortunately, a very dear friend who would have been wonderful in the Lee Marvin part, died suddenly and I lost my enthusiasm for the project.

I enjoyed my Music for my Mind playlist, and I also enjoy my own playlist on YouTube, Nic’s Choral Library which has had 2,582 views!

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