Music for my Mind is hiring!

Music for my Mind is hiring!

Job Title

**Update: this job opportunity is now closed**

Part-time Clinical Research Associate – Dementia

Reports To

Chair/Chief Executive of Music for my Mind

Job Overview

  • St Albans area, Hertfordshire
  • Seek to provide robust evidence through clinical studies that personalized music enhances the quality of life and well-being of people living with dementia, their carers and family and that favourite music can change lives
  • As part of the Research strategy for Music for My Mind, deliver the small scale clinical studies with dementia patients in selected care homes to monitor the emotional and physiological impact of personalized music
  • Compile personalized music playlists for residents living with dementia, with the help of their family members or carers and then test delivery methods of the playlists to residents in an attempt to improve well-being, particularly at times of stress


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Visit selected care homes, liaise with families and identify and recruit suitable residents living with dementia to take part in clinical studies
  • Ensure informed consent has been obtained for residents living with dementia (and their care givers with power of attorney) to take part in studies in accordance with legal requirements
  • Contribute to the development of protocols
  • Collect key information as identified in study protocol
  • Conduct studies – build personal playlists with residents and their families to agreed process in study protocol
  • Monitor emotional, physiological and clinical impact of personalized music to agreed process in study protocol
  • Maintain accurate data and records for each patient in line with study protocol
  • Maintain effective communication with patients, families, care givers and care home staff
  • Ensure that research and clinical trials are carried out effectively, safely, and professionally and in compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory responsibilities
  • Examine, analyse and prepare data for presentation and publication


Qualifications and Experience

Registered nurse, occupational therapist, psychologist, social scientist or social worker with clinical research experience, ideally working with older people.



We are looking for someone who can demonstrate:

  • Commitment to the aims and ethos of Music for My Mind
  • Experience of working in clinical research, ideally with older people
  • Knowledge of the concepts of clinical research and Good Clinical Practice
  • Attention to detail
  • Meticulous documentation and record keeping
  • Strong all-round communication skills and relationship-management abilities
  • Excellent understanding and empathy with the practical needs, concerns and health of people living with dementia and their families and care givers
  • Personal drive, energy, integrity, flexibility and responsibility
  • An understanding of key health and dementia issues
  • An understanding of technical, scientific and medical information
  • An interest in music
  • Excellent organisation, planning and prioritisation skills
  • Competency in Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint)



  • Working from home and can travel frequently to care homes in St Albans and other parts of Hertfordshire and London
  • Occasional travel in UK



Salary to be discussed – initially a 1 year fixed term contract. Probationary period of 3 months


Up to 8 days a month – to be worked flexibly as required

To apply: please send your CV to our email –

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