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How to Renew or
Cancel your Premium Subscription

Create a personalised playlist for someone you love with dementia

How to Renew or Cancel your Premium Subscription

Step-by-step guide to renewing or cancelling your Spotify subscription

To visit your Spotify account settings, go to There, you can see what plan you are currently subscribed to and when your next monthly payment is due to be taken out.

To Cancel

If you would like to Cancel your Premium subscription, click on ‘Change Plan’. Once you scroll to the bottom of that page, you will see a button that says ‘Cancel Premium’. Once you click that, after your next billing date, your account will become a Free account, which means you can still listen to your music, but you will have adverts played at intervals.

To Renew

If you have previously Cancelled your Premium subscription and would now like to Renew it, go to the same link above and press ‘Join Premium’. Then follow the steps of entering your Payment method and your Premium subscription will be activated once again and payment taken monthly automatically.

Personally meaningful music can help people living with dementia

Dementia is a heart-breaking epidemic with an immense impact.

By 2030, almost all of us will know someone living with dementia.

There is no cure yet, but music can help.

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