How does a song come into our life?

In this blog we think about how we come across music, where we find it, or more often, how it finds us.

Here at Music for my Mind we spend a lot of time thinking about music, and specifically about the moments in a person’s life when they hear music: at birthdays and weddings, at parties and on long car journeys, or even sitting in the kitchen with the radio blaring on the window sill. 

But how does a song come into our life in the first place? Was it a heavily marketed single? Or B-side unexpected hit from a smaller EP? Or was it even an undiscovered gem hidden away in a long concept album?

How we come across music, where we find it (or more often, how it finds us) is incredibly important in our emotional connection to songs. From the big song of the summer that everyone was singing to the personal discovery in an album we later learn other people share, our first encounters impress our memories so deeply that we all have a story behind our favourite song. Sometimes too whole albums have narratives so important to our own, and the ending of one song instantly sparks off memories of another.

We are fascinated by these sorts of connections and would love to hear your stories about discovering songs for the first time. Do you have a great tale about your favourite record? Do you prefer a single, an EP or a full album? Get in touch to let us know and share your story.

Cover photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash.

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