Hollick Family Foundation Support

Music for my Mind would like to thank the Hollick Family Foundation for their generous support over the years!

The Hollick Family Foundation has been a strong advocate of our charity, ever since the inception of Music for my Mind. The Trustees have generously supported us with donations totalling £5,500 over the past years, which has more recently helped us deal with the negative impact of Covid.

The Trustees have also provided helpful advice and support on various occasions and their insights have been much appreciated.

The latest donation from the Hollick Family Foundation will be used to fund our 2021/2022 programme, which includes as its centrepiece the development and finalisation of our 15-minute playlist creation app. This app aims to help the 850,000 people affected by dementia in the UK, and their families, to reclaim some of their memory through music and song. 

If you would like to help us get to this stage and if you live with memory loss or have a loved one who is affected, visit our App below and create a personalised playlist for them for free. It’s simple and only takes up to 15 minutes. Listening to favourite music can be very beneficial for the well-being and quality of life of people with dementia, for example by helping manage anxiety and agitation or combat depression and apathy and rebuild connections.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to the Hollick Family Foundation for their ongoing support.


Help us test our playlist creation App.

Create a Playlist for your loved one

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