We are excited to share with you, our supporters, our first piece of research. Over the summer, two bright students from UCL, John Peatfield and Chirag Rao, volunteered and joined forces, to help Music for my Mind on our mission to bring personalised music to people living with dementia and now we need your help to make it all happen!.

They have compiled a survey specifically about musical memory. What we are trying to discover through this survey is whether there is a period in a person’s life where they are most aware of popular music. Knowing this will allow our charity to narrow in on the songs from that correct era, when introducing music to people living with dementia, particularly to the people who can no longer tell us what they liked.¬†This information is vital for our project going forward and we kindly ask you to take the time to participate in this fun and interactive exercise.

In this survey you will be shown groups of 10 songs, with the artists who recorded them, and asked how many you recognise (a good way of gauging this is whether you can hum the tunes). For each slide, you simply need to write in the answer box a number from 0 to 10 reflecting how many of the songs listed you recognise. It can be quite interesting, as you go through titles of favourite songs that perhaps you haven’t listened to in a while and rediscover them.

We would appreciate it if you could share the survey with your family or close contacts as well and ask them to fill it out too. The more people who fill out the survey, the more accurate our approach will be.

Thank you so much for your participation, it could really make a huge difference in the lives of many living with dementia.

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