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Music for my Mind’s research supported by Quantum Care homes

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Quantum Care on conducting our research programme. They are a not-for-profit care home group operating throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex, serving over 2,000 older people. One of Quantum Care’s core values is providing high quality person centred care, which is essential for us and for the end result we are trying to achieve – bringing benefits for people living with dementia.

Similarly to Music for my Mind, Quantum Care put a strong focus on innovation. One of our charity’s aims is to utilise new technology and make it usable in a care home setting. We are excited by the opportunity to bring new technological solutions for creation and delivery of personalised playlists for their residents.

“We believe that the outcomes of a research project such as this, can have a hugely positive impact not only on our residents but may have significant implications throughout the wider UK dementia care system.” – Debbie Gilard, Head of Corporate Services at Quantum Care

Our project will look to benefit not only the residents from the care homes, but their family members, friends and carers too. Seeking the care home staff’s input and thoughts on how we can create a process that is beneficial to them too, is important to us, as they are the people who work on the frontline of dementia care.

You can read more about the first stages of our work in the Quantum Care homes, in their annual report here.

If you would like to read more about our research programme, visit our Feasibility Studies page.

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