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Music for my Mind uses personalised music to improve quality of life for people living with dementia.

There are an estimated 50 million people living with dementia worldwide, with 850,000 in the UK alone. Music for my Mind’s project could make a big difference for them and their carers and family, who suffer alongside the individual who has this distressing condition. To watch the person they know slowly disappear over an extended time is horribly painful.

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Music for my Mind is a charity seeking to provide evidence that personalised music enhances quality of life and well-being of people living with dementia; it also helps them reconnect with their loved ones. We are working towards clinical trials that show the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of this approach. Such evidence is required to establish music as best practice for the many people living with dementia across the UK and internationally and make this treatment become accepted professionally and change public health policy.

Favourite music reaches parts of the brain that people living with dementia can no longer access on their own, including memories and emotions that soothe them and help their engagement with their ‘loved ones’. We put focus on songs from their teenage years and build playlists around related songs from that era.

What makes Music for my Mind different?

This is not the only project using music to help individuals and their families who are living with dementia, there are other great projects exploring the capacity of music to improve lives. This project is different in our ambition to utilise modern technology such as physiological and artificial intelligence monitors to measure emotional responses to the music and to select a favourite musical playlist. We are working to find an efficient and automated way to build personalised playlists and develop an easy-to-use system for delivering the music to be adopted in care homes.

Preparing for the big scale trial will include establishing key relationships with care homes, health organisations and technology companies and answering a series of relevant questions, in initial pilot studies such as:

  1. Is there a minimum dose of music an individual needs to improve mood?
  2. Is there a particular time in the day when music listening has a better effect?
  3. Does a specific type of music help in certain moods – e.g. calming music when people are agitated and distressed?

Traditionally, work in this area has been considered ‘anecdote rich but data, poor.’  Music for my Mind intends to change that, to convince the medical community and public health policy makers.

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