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(Registered charity 1167246) Music for My Mind is an innovative start-up charity aiming to improve the well-being of people living with dementia (over 850,000 in the UK alone) and their families by creating, and making widely available, personalised music.  We want to enable universal adoption of personalised music as an affordable therapy for people living with dementia (e.g. as an alternative to drug treatments, to reduce agitation or combat depression) and others affected by it (family, friends and carers).


Music touches so much of life that a particular song can bring back treasured memories or clear visions of the past. There is growing evidence that personalised music, can be calming and/or stimulating for people living with dementia; it can recreate the ‘common ground’ stolen from relationships and improve their well-being and that of those close to them.

Using music to access memories for people living with dementia is not a new idea; music therapists have recognised its benefits for many years. Using technology to select and deliver favourite music is new and a clinical trial will provide the evidence needed to make this therapy a standard for care in care homes throughout the UK and internationally.

We all have soundtracks to our lives.  We want to enable people affected by dementia to enjoy their life soundtrack through easy-to-access personalised music that improves their well-being and that of those closest to them.


Our long-term vision is for every care home in Britain to have a music programme and for everyone living with dementia to benefit from music as an integral part of the therapy and care they receive. Our mission, therefore, is: through research and technological development, to promote and enable the take up of personalised music to improve the well-being of people living with dementia, their relatives, friends and carers.

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