Redbourn Fun Run 2018’s generous contribution

Music for my Mind was delighted to be a part of the Redbourn Fun Run 2018 held on 20th May 2018, organised by a group of volunteer mums from the village. The event had a great turnout and support from enthusiastic and energetic families ready to participate in the fun. There was a great sense of close community coming from all of the 813 participants and the over 1000 spectators who attended.

The start line at the Redbourn Fun Run 2018

The RFR chose Music for my Mind as one of the charities to sponsor through the event and we had a great time manning our stall and talking to families about music and dementia and trying to discover their favourite music playlists! Our Founder, Keith McAdam also started the 3km race and presented the winners with their medals and prizes.

Founder Keith McAdam awarding the proud winners

As a result of the event, the organisers of the Redbourn Fun Run and their sponsors donated £1532.75 to our cause, for which we are very grateful. The money will be put towards our ongoing project of discovering people’s favourite playlists within an hour and finding the best, easiest to use way of delivering those playlists in a care home environment.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Medals awarded at Redbourn Fun Run 2018

All photos © Wendy Gill

Music for my Mind is expanding the team

*Update: this job opportunity is now expired


Head of Strategy and Development

12 months Fixed Term initially

£30,000-£35,000 depending on experience 

St Albans area, Hertfordshire


Music for my Mind is a new and timely charity aiming to bring personalised music playlists to people living with dementia. Although people with dementia may not be able to communicate or recognise loved-ones, amazingly, they may still be able to sing along to favourite music from their teenage years. There are estimated to be 850,000 families affected by dementia in Britain, 50 million worldwide.

To date the charity has been operating on a volunteer basis with a committed and well-connected Trustee Board.   The current crowdfunding campaign indicates the breadth of public empathy for dementia. We have raised sufficient funds to recruit for our highest priority position – to lead on strategic development and fundraising for the charity.


About the role:

This post will work with the Founding Chairman of the Board, who lives in Hertfordshire, supported by a part-time Project assistant.  The Trustees are committed to building the evidence base that listening to personalised music playlists enhances well-being and quality of life for families affected by dementia. The long-term goal is to test the efficacy and cost effectiveness of this intervention for dementia in a large clinical trial.

Working closely with the Chair and board of trustees, you will provide and deliver the long-term strategic plan and budget to develop the Music for My Mind Charity. You will drive fundraising opportunities, including making grant applications, and manage donors to ensure a sustainable income to deliver the long term strategic plan.

You will work closely with Playlist for Life, Edinburgh University, and other like-minded organisations to deliver the goal of making personalised music available to everyone living with dementia.

Ideally you will have a proven track record of strategic planning and delivery, and of securing funding in a tough and complex financial climate in a senior management or strategy development role in the charity or university sector. You will have extensive experience in financial management and budget development, be a confident communicator with excellent written and verbal communication skills, and relationship management abilities.

Music for my Mind is an important new initiative and this position creates a fabulous opportunity for someone who can make a massive impact on many people’s lives.

You can read the full Job Description below. To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter to

Closing date: July 1st 2018

View Job on Charity Jobs

Job Title

Head of Strategy and Development – Music for my Mind Charity

Reports To

The Head of Strategy and Development will report to the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Music for my Mind

Job Overview

Working closely with the Chair and board of trustees, provide and deliver the long-term strategic plan and budget to develop the Music for My Mind Charity. Ensure appropriate standards are in place and compliance with the law and regulations.

Drive fundraising opportunities, including making grant applications, and manage donors to ensure a sustainable income to deliver the long term strategic plan

Work closely with Playlist for Life, Edinburgh University and other like-minded organisations to deliver the goal of making personalized music available to everyone living with dementia

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provide the long term strategic plan and budget to develop Music for My Mind within the direction set by the Chair and Board of Trustees and gain Board approval
  • Develop and secure fundraising opportunities to ensure a sustainable income to further the charity’s goals
  • Prepare the annual plan and annual budget for approval by the board of trustees and drive delivery of the fundraising plan and agreed financial targets
  • Responsible for the financial health of Music for My Mind, management of the budget and finances
  • Act as an ambassador with external stakeholders in order to advance the charity’s aims
  • Responsible for management of marketing, communication and charity administration
  • Regular attendance at Board meetings and supply regular reports to Music for My Mind trustees and to other collaborators
  • Ensure the organization has the right management systems and structures in place to carry out its work effectively, safely, and professionally and to fulfil its legal, statutory and regulatory responsibilities
  • Take appropriate steps to manage risks that could significantly impact Music for My Mind

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree or equivalent


We are looking for someone who can demonstrate:

  • Commitment to the aims and ethos of Music for My Mind
  • A proven track record of long term strategic planning and delivery in a senior management or Strategy Development role in a charity or university
  • A proven track record of securing funding for a charity or university in a tough and complex financial climate – including experience of making grant applications
  • Excellent experience in financial management and budget development skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Ability to communicate the strategic plan
  • Excellent all-round communication skills and relationship-management abilities
  • Personal drive and a positive, optimistic outlook, energy, integrity, creativity and imagination, adaptability and responsibility
  • An understanding of key health and dementia issues
  • An understanding of marketing and PR
  • An understanding of the voluntary and community sector in the UK and the issues it faces
  • A working understanding of digital media platforms


  • Working from home, based in the south east with easy access to Redbourn and the St Albans area. Frequent travel required to Redbourn and other parts of Hertfordshire and London
  • Occasional travel in the UK



Salary range £30-35k in the first instance – initially a 12 months fixed term contract


37.5 hours a week – can be worked flexibly from home. In practice may be longer as individual expected to attend networking and campaign events outside office hours

Redbourn Fun Run in support of Music for my Mind

The Redbourn Fun Run was launched in a special assembly at Redbourn Junior and Infant Schools and will be in support of Music for my Mind.

Our founder, Keith McAdam, visited the schools to speak to the pupils about the power of music. The annual Redbourn Fun Run will be on 20th May 2018 at the Redbourn Leisure Centre and will raise funds for Music for my Mind. There will be 1 km, 3km and 5km races, plus a relay race with teams of 4. All participants will receive a Fun Run medal and winners will receive a trophy. The first 100 children to sign up will receive a free t-shirt. There will be activities and stalls offered all day to keep the family entertained.

Keith McAdam awarding the winners of the competition to design the Redbourn Fun Run tambourines

Keith also congratulated the two pupils, Matilda Bennett and Poppy Bullen, who won the competition to design tambourines to be shaken by the supporters and to encourage the runners.

To read more and enter the Fun Run, visit their website:

To read how the event went and see photos, read this article.

Music for my Mind Charity of the Year for The Last of The Summer Ukuleles

This week the team at Music for my Mind visited a music session by The Last of The Summer Ukuleles at The Red Lion pub in Studham. They have chosen us as their charity of the year and presented our Project Assistant, Dimana Georgieva, with the first donation for the year.

The Last of the Summer Ukuleles are a group of volunteers who have gathered together to entertain people and explore their passion for the ukulele. They come from all around Hertfordshire and visit care homes, day centres and clubs, where they play everything from Formby to Cash to Oasis and The Zootons and other material from the 50s and 60s. All their proceeds go to worthy causes and this year they have generously chosen Music for my Mind.

You can read more about the group on their website, where you can see their upcoming gigs and how to book them for your own venue:

We’d also like to thank the team at The Red Lion in Studham, who are the hosts for the monthly meetings of the group and who provide a great service and atmosphere. If you’d like to book the venue, you can contact them here:

If your company or organisation would like to choose Music for my Mind as their charity of the year, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Playlist for Life

In October 2017, we were delighted to host Sally Magnusson and Sarah Metcalfe, of Playlist of Life, at our private event – the first phase of launching Music for my Mind.

Playlist for Life is a charity that we feel closely related to. They have also witnessed the positive effects of a personally meaningful playlist for people living with dementia. It can enhance memories and interaction, improve relationships with family and overall better their quality of life. For the past year we have been in discussions on the most efficient way to help everyone living with dementia through the use of personalised music together. We are excited about the possibilities and our future projects.

You can read their article on the connection between the two charities here: 

Arts and Healthcare

MFMM bubble brain 2Scope of Arts and Health: Arts in healthcare embraces many practices including arts in medicine, design of hospitals, the arts and humanities in medical education, the arts in palliative care, creative arts therapies and arts applications with children and older people. These programmes are now found in a high proportion of health care settings: hospital wards, premature baby units, community clinics, traumatic stress and mental health facilities and in public health. Survey evidence shows these initiatives are spreading.
Evaluation studies claim a considerable array of benefits may flow from such initiatives, although in the words of the US Arts in Healthcare Society, research in the area remains ‘anecdote rich and data poor’
(Arts in Healthcare. State of the Field Report. Arts in Healthcare Society, USA, 2009,1-20).

Benefits claimed include:
• Improvements in patient wellbeing, patient and carer stress levels and mood
• Significant health outcomes e.g. improved lung function and lower blood pressure
• Reduced health care costs (less medication use & consultations per health outcome)
• Greater community engagement in health promotion and wellbeing programmes
• Improved end of life care for patients and their relatives
• Improvement in morale and retention of health care staff

Project Update

Project update

Things are moving quickly here at Music For My Mind, we have an App Developer in place as well as an experienced individual working on the monitoring devices for responses to music.

Project update Music for My MindIt looks like we may also have an experienced social worker to join the team. She has been a dementia pathfinder and founded My Home Life. It’s all systems go now so that we can start making a positive difference to people living with dementia.

We have our new logo and this website to let people know what we are doing and how they can help.

We have all the paperwork and signatures sent off to register this new charity and we have been given generous donations in order to open the bank account.

Great news too that we also have some elderly volunteers who are living with dementia and their families who have come forward to help us.

On a personal note, if you have been on this ‘dementia journey’, with a loved one, or are currently on it, at whatever stage, you will understand the feeling of helplessness that this disease instills in you.

You now recognise the tell-tale signs of dementia that had been evident much earlier but you put them down to stress or eccentricity. You feel guilty that you misjudged their behaviour as uncaring or spiteful when all the time the dementia pathology was becoming established.

Music for My Mind offers the opportunity to reconnect, a chance to experience the comfort of the familiar for both of you.

If you would like to try your own experiments with personalised music with your family or group, please let us know what happens.


Tony Husband illustrates the effect on carers coping with Dementia

‘Take Care, Son’ by Tony Husband

Tony Husband has kindly agreed to let us use his wonderful cartoons that so eloquently describe the journey the carer goes on as they witness the effects of dementia on a loved one.

Take Care, Son by Tony Husband

Book Available for Sale through Amazon click for link

These are taken from an award winning book “Take Care Son” where Tony used his own experiences with his Dad.

For anyone who has experienced dementia within the family this book will resonate and provoke happy memories and smiles as well as the sad memories and the realities of the disease.

The Daily Mail article ‘Saddest Goodbye‘ touched the public and won the Best Coverage of Issues Around Dementia (Barchester Healthcare Special Award).

If you would like to know more about our project then please click here.